pbt_logo_mediumSo many of you have been asking if I am a Photographer. Yes I am! If you would like to view any of the work I do please read below. Who knows I might very well be your next photographer:)


ARTISTIC Classic beauty by bending light and capturing shadow to adorn your office, your home, or to give a memorable gift. Please feel free to contact us about purchasing prints of our unique artistic Fine Art photography.


BABIES We treasure capturing the special moments in the newness of life, the true essence of an infant, with quality baby and mother/child portraits.


CHILDRENChildren alone, children with their moms or dads, with their siblings, with their relatives, or even with their toys and pets…These are the joys that life is made of. Let us patiently and artistically bring these moments to life in a memorable way.


COUPLESShare your love for each other while dating or during your engagement with those important to you. While you probably have many snapshots of the two of you together, a professional portrait is something you can share with your friends, family, and relatives. Photgraphy by Teresa will capture your love in a beautiful portrait that you’ll want to share and display for years to come.


WEDDINGS Our experience in wedding photography has led us to share making moments last forever and we can help make your wedding memories live forever. We use only state-of-the-art photography equipment and we capture every significant moment with quality and in style.


MATERNITYThe connection between a mother and her child is characterized as an intense physical, emotional and spiritual bond that exists between the two a mother and her baby. There is no other love is as nurturing or awe-inspiring. Let us memorialize the great journey and precious moments in the beginning of your child’s new life.


FAMILIESWe feature classic and well as modern, creative portraiture to satisfy your every need. We can capture large family gatherings or intimate family settings.


SENIORSAre you after classic senior portraits or some very different and creative poses? Call for more information and prices. Check out the enhancements link for more information concerning your photos. Click on photos for enlargements and more photos.


CORPORATEBring attention to your business by featuring great photography. We specialize in publicity and executive portraits as well as product & location photography, filling many of your business needs.

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