2014_blauwetheehuis_seriemenukaart-8Art Nouveau-like spacecraft within the middle of a park? this is often wherever you wish to move if the sun be shining. the large terrace is one in all the most important in geographic area (hashtag fact), and with over 700 seats we are saying decision all of your mates and let’s have a party!

Once within there’s nothing very to shout regarding aside from blue and white tables to match the building. Kinda neat.

This place is slap dash however that’s all you wish once a stroll within the park if you’re yearning for slightlye to eat and a glass of wine right? There square measure nachos for snacks or sandwiches if you’re once a bit additional. return on your bike, bring your dog and with free wireless local area network you’ll be able to build this place your workplace for the day. simply confirm you get an image with attender and ya mates on your solution. good for next year’s Christmas card.

Website: http://www.blauwetheehuis.nl/

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