A few month ago I introduced the Banting diet. I have been asked aloooot of times if its OK to drink while being on the Banting diet. Without further due, i present to you a article that will answer this.

You are not the one who loves drinking. You know every type of alcohol. It starts with beer to Bloody Mary. Everything you can name it. However, you want to lose your weight. You do not want to stay the same. It is better to lose some weights instead of paying the hospital bills. Now, you want to follow the rules of Banting diet. It is very easy since the foods are available everywhere. You only have to limit the calories and eat more fats. Yes, the fats keep your stomach full for a longer time. Meanwhile, the calories do not have the same impact. Therefore, do not eat carbs more than 50g a day. Any foods and beverages that contain calories should be limited. That is why you need to know the facts behind drinking on Banting diet.

  • Choose Good Beverages

Do not ever drink without knowing the amount of calories within. Your diet will be ruined by a can of soda or the other soft drinks. Drinking on Banting diet is not complicated at all. There are healthier options for you. Choose coffee and green tea. They are low in calories. Avoid sugar and keep them just the way they are. Do not add any substances to the beverages. Next, you have to drink more water. Yes, water is healthy and it makes you full. You will not eat when your stomach is full. Therefore, what is your best friend?


  • Is it Fine?

There are many beverages out there. However, it is quite hard to leave some beverages from your habit. Wine, beers, and the other alcoholic beverages are safe. But wait. IT is only from the carb perspective. You have to keep the low-carb diet, right? What would happen when you drink the alcoholic beverages more than you need? OF course, it is hard to control your carbs intake. You do not know a number of calories from the glasses of beverages.  The key is, stay away from them. Yes, there is no other way.


  • How to Control

Instead of choosing the beer or a glass of champagne, drinking a glass of fresh juice is a better option.  Yes, this is your only choice in Drinking on Banting diet. Do not ever touch the beverages during your diet. Otherwise, you will be disappointed with yourself. It is about self-control. You would never gain the wanted result if you keep drinking alcoholic beverages every day. Choosing a glass of vegetable juice is a better option. Of course, do not use any sugar or the other sweetener. Just keep it simple and fresh. There are many recipes of healthy juice out there. Find the one that suits your taste.

Next, you have to control your appetite of drinking by taking a bottle of mineral water. Do not ever choose the other types of beverages outside the list. In addition, keep your bottle in your bags so that you can drink the mineral water anytime you need. By doing this, you are able to avoid and suppress the urge of drinking beer or your favorite beverage.

Drinking on Banting diet might be a little bit hard at the beginning. However, you should do your best not to. Need more advise? Contact me here🙂

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