Tunic styles

By Gail Warren

The versatility of a tunic is usually from where its selling point comes from. You can use it during spring and summer and feel extremely comfortable. Tunics have evolved over the years taking inspiration from many different styles and countries. We have listed 5 amazing tunic tops that we think is perfect for any body type or shape.


This casual tunic made from acrylic and cashmere is a stunning piece that will set you apart. The animal print gives you a relaxed appearance perfect for daytime use. Ideal for the Apple bodies. This works perfectly for a busty figure and really accentuates your waist. If you have an A-shape try to get a belt for this type of design. You can wear it with denim or any dark coloured tight pants.


Elenyun’s first feature on this list is quite stunning. This casual crew neck, half sleeve tunic is made from linen and silk to give you the ultimate comfort. Comfort is key irrespective of what season and this dress provides just that. The A-line silhouette and floral patterns make for an extremely versatile dress. This top almost resembles an Indian Kurta with its length and appearance. You can wear this beautiful tunic with denim jeans or any of the darker colours. Be sure to find something that accentuates your legs to get the best appearance possible.


This asymmetric casual style tunic is perfect for pear shaped ladies. The long sleeves and semi-professional appearance means you can wear this tunic for shopping as well as for work on a fine summer’s day. The shirt colour is a nice touch and this can go along with any bright coloured pants or skinny jeans.


A perfect tunic for the fall and spring months. This is a beautiful black H-line tunic made from a silk and polyester hybrid. This is for those who aren’t especially curvy you can wear them again with bright coloured skinny pants. The rectangular body shape fits with this style.


This green printed casual tunic by Elenyun is one to remember with its A-line silhouette, geometric patterns and 3/4th sleeves. Ideal for those not worried about curves and would like to show off their collar and wrists. Normally people tend to wear extremely large tunics to achieve this appearance but this particular piece does the job for you without making you look like a tent. This beautiful tunic can be worn with a mini or micro skirt and doesn’t need pants. Perfect for those showing off their fun side.

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